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The Innovation Revolution

Discover the Genius Hiding in Plain Sight

What’s the book about?

It’s time to say “NO” to sluggish business-as-usual; NO to losing great ideas in the corporate quagmire; YES to standing up for what you believe in – your team, your ideas, your customers and beyond.

Use this book to recapture the relevance, productivity, excitement and competitive edge that many once nimble businesses have lost in the 21st century.

Learn to:

  • Break up business log jams
  • Say NO to random innovation efforts that don’t work
  • Stop the brain drain of internal dysfunction that saps creativity and effective problemsolving
  • Reenergize your workforce and your leadership skills

It’s includes 250 field-tested questions, strategies and activities to help the 21st century leader to transform and operationalize innovation to save the enterprise.

Smart Speed is the answer. A proven — to the tune of $1 Billion+ in revenue — rapid-results method of transforming ideas to impact; this blueprint will help you create INTRApreneurs, who are invested and empowered WITHIN the corporate framework.

Speed to ideas. Speed to impact. Speed to results. SMART SPEED.

This essential guide for the 21st century leader is divided into three parts:

The Innovation Revolution is a practical guide divided into three parts:

PART 1: RELAX, IT’S NOT JUST YOU. Engage in a 360-degree reality check that explains the flattening of business, the slowing of decision making, and how industry titans turn into cumbersome Titanics without even knowing it.

PART 2: A SOLUTION. Explore the Smart SpeedÔ method. How it works. Why modern business needs it. A step-by-step guide for effective leadership and success.

PART 3: THE PATH FORWARD. How to create consistent and effective change in an upward flow. How to make it stick. Retooling and empowering yourself, your employees and your organization. Dealing with personalities and roadblocks like fear, frustration and (lack of) focus.

If you’re under constant pressure for double-digit growth. If you struggle to achieve speed, make timely decisions and reach goals. If you spend too much time in meetings and not enough time making a difference— You are ready to lead The Innovation Revolution. So grab an espresso or energy drink and join me on the high speed, high impact journey to save the enterprise.

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Insider Cheat # 3 – Skim these quick summaries for Part 1, 2, 3, and each
“Promise of the Chapter”

Part 1: 360° Reality Assessments

Any experienced leader or executive knows when launching a new initiative, the first step is assessing the current state of a situation.

What happens today?
What are the driving forces?
Where are the opportunities?
Where are the obstacles?

This investigative pursuit is in search of the most confident path forward.

You must start where you are. You must understand what and why in order to execute the how.

We will explore macro trends — speeding and shifting to an unruly new normal in business.

You will assess yourself, your organization, and your employees, and see where they fit into the transformation from siloed, spot innovation efforts to scalable systemic innovation. You will discover the path to becoming a Leadovator — a 21st century leader poised to deliver consistent innovative results at speed, by empowering others inside the enterprise to usher in The Innovation Revolution.

  • Prepare for insights of why business-as-usual just won’t work anymore.
  • Revisit an 80s topic with a new context.
  • Discover some quick steps to initiate your systemic ideas to action journey.

Your action adventure starts now.

Part 2: Smart Speed: A Mindset, A Method, and A Movement

Get out the corporate hazmat gear and put on your headlamp as we explore the corporate underbelly revealing top results and innovation killers lurking in your enterprise … the-whatshould-not-be-named behaviors and actions in your corporate culture and institutional norms that derail progress and change. These are those dysfunctional, often legacy internal processes, that are hindering your ability to compete, and more importantly, drain your scarce resources and talent.

Then it’s time for the big reveal. The Smart Speed Method that Leadovators need to lead The Innovation Revolution. You must stop driving innovation as a singular exercise and operationalize innovation continuously at speed. Smart Speed is a mindset, a method, a movement- all rolled into one. We will demonstrate how this INTRApreneurial system can eliminate waste, overcome institutional behaviors, and drive consistent innovative results in less time and money than traditional methods.

It’s harsh. It’s dirty. It’s enlightening. It’s inspiring. Prepare yourself for the truth that lies within and a field-tested method that delivers every time.

Part 3: A Guided Path Forward

Within the pages in this book so far, you have been armed with macro trends, insider stories, and quick tips to begin the journey to systemic innovation within your enterprise, powered by INTRApreneur employees. You have the method and mindset to lead The Innovation Revolution to save your enterprise. The most daunting task is straight ahead – the transition.

The transition is moving from the current sloth’s pace of business-as-usual and empty innovation promises, to reinvent yourself, empower your employees, and evolve your organization to deliver results at Smart Speed.

Just like a jet needs runway lights to guide its takeoff and landing, you too, need a guided path forward. Discover jumpstart actions to help you quickly revamp, retool, and reform business-asusual to dominate in today’s dynamic rapid hyper-connected environment.

In the chapters ahead, you will discover real-live-no-jive get-it-done advice from research, practitioners, field tests, and experience. Hold on, you are getting ready to find the answers you seek to ride the wave of innovation success, with just a flip of a page.

Take a deep breath and assume your best power pose to begin your Innovation Revolution journey.

Chapter 1: Dream No Longer, Embrace Your Leadership Responsibility, and Operationalize Innovation

  • Articulate the number one responsibility of the 21st century leader.
  • Introduce the proven method to accelerate the transition to systemic innovation in the enterprise.

Chapter 2: The 21st Century Enterprise Leadership Reality

  • Understand my definition of innovation — “Change that Matters.”
  • Discover the key trends in today’s business environment that reveal the 21st century leader’s imperative to lead The Innovation Revolution for both survival and success.
  • Reveal three quick-start actions to initiate your plan forward.

Chapter 3: Your Control Among the Chaos: You & Your Actions

  • Understand 21st century leader attributes to successfully lead The Innovation Revolution
  • Assess your dominant leader archetype
  • Discover the CURE to evolving and thriving in the new normal

Chapter 4: Reality Check. Hierarchical Innovation Crusher vs. Nimble Innovation Powerhouse

  • Define three types of organizations relative to innovation.
  • Provide assessment tools to evaluate your organization.
  • Offer practical actions to take to ensure your environment supports your Leadovator mission.

Chapter 5: The Answers You Seek Are Within

  • Review the origins of systemic control hindering innovation in the enterprise
  • Define your secret weapon hiding in plain sight — INTRApreneurs
  • Offer enabling strategies to empower your INTRApreneurs to evolve the organization from the inside out

Chapter 6: The Corporate Underbelly —Unspoken Barriers to Systemic Innovation and Results

  • Highlight systemic misbehaviors that too often are ignored.
  • Discover available resources to fuel The Innovation Revolution.
  • Offer an actionable management manifesto to stop the madness.

Chapter 7: Buzzwords Gone Bad — How Empty Buzzwords Impede Action, Innovation, and Results

  • Reveal the damage of miscommunication and misuse of buzzwords in your pursuit of systemic innovation.
  • Offer tips to help you take the buzz out of buzzwords and clearly communicate among a constant flow of ambiguity.

Chapter 8: Introducing Smart Speed: A Mindset, a Method, and a Movement

  • Introduce your antidote to business-as-usual and path to systemic innovation.
  • Detail the tangible and intangible components of this mindset and method.
  • Prepare you for a mind shift to strategic agility through self-awareness.

Chapter 9: Smart Speed: The Details

  • Explain the details and mechanics of the Smart Speed process.
  • Reveal how this method is a tool to allow others to experience success outside the lines.
  • Offer three actions to ignite this employee-driven process and begin the transition.

Chapter 10: Prepare for the New Leadership Era of Empathy

  • Introduce human-centered business and the Era of Empathy.
  • Review a brief history of management and its evolution leading to this next era.
  • Empower you with empathy to lead The Innovation Revolution.

Chapter 11: Many-Faced Leadovator

  • Offer situation-based applications of Leadovator responses to transform the enterprise.
  • Challenge traditional methods that must evolve to operationalize innovation in the enterprise.
  • Develop new Leadovator skills to lead The Innovation Revolution.

Chapter 12: Dealing with the “F” Words – Fear, Focus, Frustration

  • Discover signs and reactions of fear and methods to combat.
  • Reveal focus as the biggest secret to innovation success.
  • Learn how to A.C.E. frustration to persevere past setbacks on your Leadovator mission.

Chapter 13: Motivation Matters

  • Offer top motivators of successful entrepreneurs that work for INTRApreneurs.
  • Discover why intrinsic motivators trump cash-based rewards in the pursuit of innovation.

Chapter 14: Activate your INTRApreneurs and Lead Your Innovation Revolution

  • Guidelines for creating and maintaining TRUST.
  • Steps to creating an infrastructure for success to activate, nurture, and grow your INTRApreneurs.
  • Affirm how the Smart Speed Method has all the makings of a movement to operationalizing innovation in the enterprise.

BOOM – You are now an expert in the book: The Innovation Revolution: Discover the Genius Hiding in Plain Sight

Publisher: 48 Innovate (March 7, 2017)
ISBN: 978-0-9982925-0-2
ISBN: 978-0-9982925-1-9
Paperback: 222 Pages
Retail Price: $18.95 Print, $9.99 Kindle

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