A simple kit about The Innovation Revolution: Discover the Genius Hiding in Plain Sight for busy media professionals. Cover at Smart Speed with these materials ready to use with one click.

The Innovation Revolution Synopsis 

Need a quick summary of the book? Pick the one that works for you – includes 25-word, 50-word, 100-word and 450-word synopsis of the book.

Insider’s Cheat Sheet to The Innovation Revolution 

Need to prep for an interview of the book in a flash? No problem. Here is a simple cheat sheet to get you up-to-speed quickly.

#1 in Organizational Change
#1 in Organizational Learning
#1 in Workplace Behavior
4 Hot New Release Categories:
#1 in Technology Innovation
#1 in Organizational Behavior
#1 in Organizational Change
#2 in Business Technology Innovation

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Sample Testimonials for The Innovation Revolution 

Need some inspiration to write your own? This document has real-live-no-jive reviews from readers and some pre-written samples you can use to generate yours.

The Innovation Revolution Book Announcement Press Release 

Review the official press release about the book: The Innovation Revolution, Discover the Genius Hiding in Plain Sight.

Interview Guide to K. Melissa Kennedy 

Prep for your interview with sample questions, topics and insights to the author with this handy guide.

Biography: K. Melissa Kennedy

Need a biography for the author? Pick the one that works for you – includes 25- word, 50-word, 100-word and 430-word biography.

Photos and Promotional Graphics 

Download and use to augment your story with style.

K.  Melissa Kennedy 

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