Hidden Genius Bootcamp

Get Out & Make Impact

Calling all Leadovators & INTRApreneurs

You are an innovative leader tangled in corporate red tape, facing intense pressure for results amidst accelerating uncertainty.  You struggle to achieve speed, make timely decisions and reach goals. You spend too much time in meetings and not enough time making a difference — you want a new way of getting shit done but you don’t know where to start.

You are ready to lead The Innovation Revolution.  

No nonsense. No buzzwords. No BS.

Let’s do this!

Join us for a high speed, high impact 2 1/2 day action-based leadership retreat in a nature setting to discover YOUR genius hiding in plain sight. We will go beyond thinking to doing. We won’t just talk, but experience. AND we will go from self-aware to self-actualization at Smart Speed™.

All set at Wisdom Ridge Ranch, 115 acres of Sierra Foothill majesty, just 2.5 hours from Silicon Valley. Our executive chef will prepare delicious farm to table meals and snacks. You’ll never go hungry and your body will feel energized.

November 3-5, 2017  SOLD OUT
2018 Dates Coming Soon
Get Ready To:
Activate your hidden genius to ignite, inspire, and empower yourself and your team – rocketing you to success (those “stretch goals” aren’t so hard after all)
Discover your powerful intuition, empathy and influence to lead consistent and effective change inside, out and around
Explore what shared leadership looks, feels and smells like – teaching you how to build solid relationships that’ll make you the “go to” person for the hottest projects
Walk away with tools that’ll cut your lead times in half
Learn through experience the importance of fun, celebration and reflection


A 21st-century leader who drives consistent innovation that delivers results at speed


A company employee who acts like an entrepreneur that delivers innovation

Who Should Attend?

Vice presidents, directors, senior managers, managers

It's NOT a boondoggle.

Get your company to pay.

Why are we working with horses?

Horses exhibit exceptional emotional agility – no matter what happens – they will teach you resilience

Horses use emotions as information – a skill that will make every leader an exceptional leader

Horses will show you how to tune into your instinct and intuition – your 21st-century superpower

Horses will give you the opportunity to practice leadership curiosity, courage, and connection through non-verbal communication

So, by now you know, this isn’t your conventional workshop. Your sciatica won’t kick in because you won’t be sitting in a conference room learning how to be a leader through exhausting PowerPoint slides and pyramid models. Yes, we created the workshop that we wanted when we were maxed out and overwhelmed in our corporate jobs.

But, more importantly, we created the workshop that’ll stick because you’ve gotta get out beyond the norm so that you can think, and more importantly, DO beyond the norm. Here’s your chance to get out of the building and get into innovation and IMPACT!

We’re keeping this workshop small for guaranteed high impact, only 12 geniuses allowed.

This workshop is for vice presidents, directors, senior managers, and managers who are tired of the corporate dance…endless conference calls, dog and pony shows, and directionless spinning. You want to get to it. You want to make a difference. You want to transform ideas into impact and drive consistent, exponential growth, at speed.

What to Expect
Day 1: Settling In, Letting Go, Opening Up

We’ll gather at the Ranch at 2pm and kick off the retreat with the key to life: Mindset

Settling In: Introductions, What to Expect, Goals for the Weekend (all the normal stuff)

Letting Go & Opening Up: We’ve got an extraordinary exercise planned that’ll get the group in the optimal state to absorb the learning. Not only will you prime your mind for a revolutionary new way of leading, you’ll take this exercise back to your teams to help them do the same.

Welcome Reception: Enjoy delicious appetizers in a glorious nature setting

Discover the communication tool available to you at all times and probably never use

End the fear of your biggest data source: emotions. Cultivate emotional heroism at work.

Develop a high tolerance for vulnerability: your superpower

Master boundaries, assertiveness, and confidence – learn to blaze through uncertainty, pressure and overwhelm

Farm to Table Dinner and fireside chat in the wilderness

Day 2: Discover Your Genius Hiding in Plain Sight
Day 3: Shared Leadership and Beyond

Now that you’ve got a solid grip on your genius, bring that forth into The Innovation Revolution as a  Leadovator 

Get comfortable with disseminating decision making and building confidence in others’ abilities…it’s a win-win

Learn and practice Shared Leadership. Discover how it’ll give you an unprecedented advantage at work.

Tap into Resilience and develop concrete methods for having it handy when you need it

About Your Hosts & Facilitators
K. Melissa Kennedy

K. Melissa Kennedy

Transformer, Bestselling Author, Innovator

Melissa knows how to get things done. What kinds of things? Launching companies from scratch. Introducing new products. Building customer loyalty. Improving sales processes. Boosting efficiency. In short, the kinds of activities that make a real difference for Fortune 100 corporations, major educational institutions, startup companies, and entrepreneurs. To the tune of more than $1 billion in revenue-generating projects. And counting.

It’s those kinds of results that have made Melissa an internationally acclaimed expert, happy to share the not-so-secret behind her success. It’s called Smart Speed™, a unique process that focuses on intrapreneurship — taking advantage of the innovation-driving resources hiding within organizations of any size: the people. People who, believe it or not, have unique insights and great ideas. And who can — given the chance — launch amazing, effective, strategic, workable new initiatives in just 48 hours. She details how in her bestselling book The Innovation Revolution: Discover the Genius Hiding in Plain Sight.  Recently named to 2017 Triangle Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 Leadership List and featured on Knowledge@Wharton.

Amy L. Buck

Amy L. Buck

Leadership Performance Coach - Equine Guided Coach

Amy inhaled Silicon Valley tech for 20+ years focusing mostly on delivering talent strategies across the employee life-cycle, from hiring to leadership development. She’s been in start-up’s, Fortune 100 organizations and everything in between. She’s led award winning teams with her work chronicled in the Wall Street Journal, Le Monde, Time, Business Week, and Moneyland and she’s been a keynote speaker at various conferences. In full transparency, she was often known as the HR leader that HR hated – as she was always striving for relevant analytics, agile decision making and results, within an org that didn’t really want to know much about those things.

Now, her business partners are horses and she’s running an action-based leadership and development center at her 115-acre ranch in Northern CA. She’s a certified coach and equine guided facilitator. And, she’s still focused on results.

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Amy is a master at effectively and efficiently assessing the business landscape and implementing customized programs and demystified models deeply rooted in best practices.

Farbod, Lead, Cisco & KLA-Tencor

Melissa’s ability to get a large group of professionals to focus and retain their attention, to keep their head in the game, to compete and produce, not one but, a series of outcomes that will benefit the business for years to come was absolutely fantastic! 

Sylvain, Area Vice President, Cisco Sales

Trusted By:

Most of your time will be spent at the Ranch. We’ll be outside with the horses embedding the learning through somatics, inside on cozy cushions cracking the code on your revolution, and sitting by a bonfire licking melted marshmallows off our fingers and watching the sun go down.

You’ll sleep at the lovely Shenandoah Inn, located in the city of Plymouth, California and nestled in the historical and scenic region of central California’s Gold Country. Each guestroom has a large picture framed window of the magnificent oak trees and rolling hills which are indigenous to the area.

Special Shenandoah Inn rates for the workshop start at $149.99.

The Script

Use this to get your company to pay for this innovative leadership retreat:

“Top global CEOs all agree that innovation, collaboration, and leadership are THE priorities to grow and meet market needs. I would like to use my learning and development dollars to learn the proven techniques in all of these areas. My takeaways from this workshop will help our company create new growth opportunities, define and execute a shared vision for future growth and accelerate our success. I’ll come back with an effective leadership mindset, skillset, and toolset. This workshop offers real-world application and experiential learning that will advance my personal growth, empathetic leadership abilities, and tools in order to deliver innovation and results. I’ll be happy to complete a summary of what I learned and present it at a future staff meeting.”

Need a credible market study to justify? Check out what McKinsey & Company says about What’s Missing in Leadership Development.  This retreat WILL deliver where others have failed.

WE MEAN BUSINESS….We will give you your money back if we don’t!

BONUS: For all participants, throughout the retreat, you will document key learnings and action items at each phase, so your summary for your manager, your team and your company will already be complete when you leave on Sunday.


Buy your ticket: SOLD OUT

Regular Price: $1,300 

Ticket includes all farm to table meals and snacks, festive beverages, 2 1/2 days of facilitated activities, fun prizes and a print copy of the Amazon best-selling book: The Innovation Revolution signed at the retreat.

Tickets are limited to 12 geniuses.


Questions? Email us: Answers(at)48innovate.com

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